Real life stuff has gotten in the way a lot lately, and writing hasn’t really been an option for me, but tonight was one of those nights I just *needed* to write something. Having recently caught the last 15 minutes of I Want to Believe on TV the other day, I thought I’d challenge myself and see if I could write a new post-movie “prose thingie” in 30 minutes. Although I didn’t quite meet the challenge…it actually took me about 35 minutes to get the wording the way I wanted it…I am pleased with this little moment in time and can clearly picture it in my head.:)




Pieces of Food, Slices of Life

I originally wrote Pieces of Food, Slices of Life way back in 2001. I was writing with a lot more regularity back then and wanted to try my hand at writing something different than my usual fare. I also wanted to see if I could write something unique that included tidbits from all the seasons of the show. At the time, season nine hadn’t aired yet so I didn’t include something from that season. With this new revised version, I not only added a segment about season nine, but one for Fight the Future as well. I thought about adding something for I Want to Believe too, but ultimately decided against it because I felt it took place too far into the future to be included with the rest of the series.


Perfect for the Job

Perfect for the Job, which was written in September of 2000, is a story about the “Samantha” that met with Mulder in the diner in Redux II. It alternates between her point of view and CSM’s point of view and explores how and why she was the one who was chosen to meet with Mulder in the diner. IMHO, that Samantha was one of many clones who had been created in the lab, and I really had fun creating her personality and writing her thoughts about CSM and Mulder. I also had a blast writing from CSM’s point of view because he’s just so darn arrogant.;) At the time I originally wrote this story, I was a little leery about how it would be accepted by my regular group of readers, especially since the majority of poems and stories I’d written up until that time were MSR. Although my core group of faithful readers did send me feedback on the story, I was especially excited to read the interesting and insightful comments from readers who had never read any of my stories before, but gave this one a try.:)

And for one last little bit of useless trivia about this story: I designated this Samantha clone Number 34 because 34 was my uniform number when I played basketball in high school. <g>


A Clear Winter’s Night

One of the things I liked about the Millenium “first kiss” was the initial expression on Scully’s face right after Mulder broke away from that kiss. Although the way she looked at him happened so quickly, I thought it was sweet and genuine and showed a brief glimpse into what their relationship might become. Like most viewers though, I would’ve liked to have seen more after they left the hospital at the end of this episode. I wrote “A Clear Winter’s Night” to show what *I* would’ve liked to have happened next.:)

A Clear Winter’s Night



In season one’s episode “Squeeze”, one of my favorite scenes is this exchange between Mulder and Tom Colton:

“So Mulder, what do you think? Does this look like the work of little green men?”
“Excuse me.”
“Grey. You said green men. A Reticulan skin tone is actually grey. They’re notorious for their extraction of terrestrial human livers, due to iron depletion in the Reticulan galaxy.”
“You can’t be serious.”
“Do you have any idea what liver and onions go for on Reticula?”

I absolutely loved that Mulder was “yanking his chains” right from the start, sensing that Colton was probably going to be a prick about the case, and as we all know, he turned out to be exactly that. I had a blast writing “Tom” back in 2009, not only because I liked the challenge of writing from a secondary character’s point of view, but also because I enjoyed writing his observations about Mulder and Scully at that early stage in their relationship. And if I’m being perfectly honest, I had a blast getting the chance to *be* Tom and act like a jerk! <g>




“Kate” was originally posted in 2004 and is probably one of the most romantic fanfic stories I’ve ever written. It tells the story of Mulder and Scully, Kate and Robert, and Fox and Kate. Although I know that most people don’t like to read stories that have either Mulder or Scully in a relationship with someone else, I still wanted to explore that possibility so I decided to tackle it from a different angle and explore Mulder’s relationship with Kate when the two of them were in high school. Shifting from Mulder’s thoughts and Kate’s thoughts, along with showing flashbacks of what their high school romance was like was something I very much enjoyed. I also wrote this story not only because I wanted to show what Mulder was like as a teenager, but because I wanted to give his life some normalcy. His life wasn’t always filled with conspiracies and hidden agendas, and I thought it would be nice to see him in a sweet and innocent relationship with Kate and be with someone who understood and supported him. This isn’t one of my more well-known or popular stories that I’ve written, but it makes me feel good about love and ALWAYS makes me smile when I read it. I hope you enjoy rereading this story as much as I do.


Susan, the romantic

After the Darkness and Wreckage

I’m going to start by making a few comments about “After the Darkness”, which is my newest vignette that I posted about a week ago. After recently seeing I Want to Believe on TV, I was especially interested in Skinner’s role at the end of the movie. I really like how his role on the series and his relationship with Mulder and Scully changed over the course of time. Although he started out as just their boss, he eventually developed a respect and admiration for them and became both an ally and a friend. I really liked that he was the “somebody with balls” that Scully turned to for help not just in the movie, but time and time again during the later years of the series.:) After watching him hold Mulder in his arms to keep him warm, I started wondering what might have happened after taking Mulder to the hospital and then home and how he might’ve felt about going into the house they share, probably for the first time.


“Wreckage” is a post-Orison vignette that I wrote about three months ago. I’ve actually written several vignettes for Orison, mostly because I didn’t like how the writers glossed over what happened to Scully in that episode. I mean, really….she’s attacked by a complete whack-job in her own home, tied up, terrorized, and forced to take extreme action, and then the following week, it’s as if it never happened. She KILLED a man in cold blood, for crying out loud! How could anyone not be affected by that???? I hate that the show did that time and time again…have a life-altering event occur and then the following week, pretend it never did. Although many of the vignettes I wrote about this were from Scully’s POV, I wanted to write one from Mulder’s POV. Watching the incredulous expression on his face as Scully blew away Donnie Pfaster right in front of him made me want to explore what he was feeling even more.


If you have any thoughts or revelations about either of these stories or episodes, you can share your comments below. Also, thank you to those of you who decided to “Follow” me on this blog. I appreciate your support.:)