The Blue Series


The Blue Series is a dark what-if story about what might’ve happened to Scully if she hadn’t been able to free herself and shoot Donnie Pfaster in Orison. I wrote the first chapter of this story “Blue” way back in 2004 and was overwhelmed with the response I got, so much so that I decided to add 13 more chapters to it. I thought that using a reference to a different color in each new chapter would give the story a common theme, and as I wrote more and more for it, I eventually just called the whole story “The Blue Series.”

It was a difficult story for me to write, but I really felt like I needed to tell it. So many times throughout the years that the show was on, both Mulder and Scully came close to dying, yet they always found a way to survive, and I really liked that about them. But then I got to thinking, what if one of those times, they lost hope and were unsure they’d be able to move on? What if something tragic happened, and it wasn’t resolved after just one episode? What if they had to deal with that tragedy for the rest of their lives?

That’s why I wrote this story, and that’s why it gave me such a great deal of creative satisfaction. The words and images were dark and raw and at times actually made *me* feel uncomfortable, but it’s my hope that as you read it, you’ll feel some emotions too.

And one last thing…over those years, my friend Marybeth was a big supporter of this dark tale and constantly bugged me (in a good way) about adding new chapters to it. Sadly, she passed away before I finished it, and I thought it was fitting that I dedicate it to her.:)



could be love


It’s been over a month since I wrote anything new, and although I just started working on something longer this weekend, I felt like I needed to challenge myself to write something short to help get my writing mojo back in gear. I decided to give myself 30 minutes to see if I could pick a scene in an episode and write one of my prose thingies for it. I chose the car scene between Mulder and Scully in Tooms for two reasons: 1. I’ve always found their conversation to be so “them.” 2. It always makes me smile no matter how many times I watch it. Surprisingly, despite my lack of writing time and motivation lately, I was actually able to come up with something in 26 minutes so maybe that bodes well for the other thing I’m working on.:) I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

If you have any other ideas for scenes in episodes that I haven’t already written about, please let me know in the comments section below. I can’t guarantee I’ll write about it, but it may give my muse a much needed push. <g>




Real life stuff has gotten in the way a lot lately, and writing hasn’t really been an option for me, but tonight was one of those nights I just *needed* to write something. Having recently caught the last 15 minutes of I Want to Believe on TV the other day, I thought I’d challenge myself and see if I could write a new post-movie “prose thingie” in 30 minutes. Although I didn’t quite meet the challenge…it actually took me about 35 minutes to get the wording the way I wanted it…I am pleased with this little moment in time and can clearly picture it in my head.:)



Pieces of Food, Slices of Life


I originally wrote Pieces of Food, Slices of Life way back in 2001. I was writing with a lot more regularity back then and wanted to try my hand at writing something different than my usual fare. I also wanted to see if I could write something unique that included tidbits from all the seasons of the show. At the time, season nine hadn’t aired yet so I didn’t include something from that season. With this new revised version, I not only added a segment about season nine, but one for Fight the Future as well. I thought about adding something for I Want to Believe too, but ultimately decided against it because I felt it took place too far into the future to be included with the rest of the series.


Perfect for the Job


Perfect for the Job, which was written in September of 2000, is a story about the “Samantha” that met with Mulder in the diner in Redux II. It alternates between her point of view and CSM’s point of view and explores how and why she was the one who was chosen to meet with Mulder in the diner. IMHO, that Samantha was one of many clones who had been created in the lab, and I really had fun creating her personality and writing her thoughts about CSM and Mulder. I also had a blast writing from CSM’s point of view because he’s just so darn arrogant.;) At the time I originally wrote this story, I was a little leery about how it would be accepted by my regular group of readers, especially since the majority of poems and stories I’d written up until that time were MSR. Although my core group of faithful readers did send me feedback on the story, I was especially excited to read the interesting and insightful comments from readers who had never read any of my stories before, but gave this one a try.:)

And for one last little bit of useless trivia about this story: I designated this Samantha clone Number 34 because 34 was my uniform number when I played basketball in high school. <g>


The Clyde series…and the newest chapter


Of all the series I’ve written over the years, Clyde is by far my all-time favorite. Although I call it a series, I suppose you could call it a novel, especially since it’s become so long over the years. That being said, however it’s classified, it always makes me feel so good inside when I’m able to add more to it. I wrote and posted the original Clyde as a stand-alone story beginning way back in 2001, and now here I am 13 years later still adding new characters and stories to it and enjoying it just as much now as I did back then.:)

When I came up with the idea to have Mulder be “forced” to leave Scully and William and create a secret identity in a new town, I knew I wanted him to go to a small town with an unusual name, and I wanted it to be a real town, not a made-up one so I literally pulled out the atlas and started thumbing through some of the Atlantic coast states and came across Clyde, which really is a town in North Carolina with a population a little over 1,000. I’ve always enjoyed the way small towns are portrayed on TV and in the movies, and I’ve had a lot of fun creating the characters and atmosphere for Clyde over the years.

My grandmother’s name was actually Elsie, and my grandpa’s name was Allan, which is where I got those names, and although Elsie’s personality and mannerisms don’t really match the way my grandma was, the love between my grandparents was like those characters. As for Josephine (Jo), I have really liked the challenge of creating a backstory for her and fleshing out what kind of person she is, and I’m really looking forward to exploring her relationship with the newest store owner in town, Sam Bailey.:) And as for giving Mulder the alias of Bob, I chose that name for one simple reason.  It was the name of David Duchovny’s character in the movie Return to Me. <g> I absolutely adored the sensitive character he played in that movie, and I knew I just *had* to give Mulder that name too. Scully’s alias doesn’t really have an unusual or exciting backstory to it other than the fact that Sarah is the name of one of my daughters…oh, and she also has red hair. <g> As for the “Come On Inn,” I wanted a name that would be unique and clever, and although I did look up some bed and breakfast names for ideas, I’m proud to say that I came up with that name on my own.:)

Although I’m not able to add new stories to this series as much as I would like to, I do have several ideas and storylines for the characters churning around in my head that I’d eventually like to explore. If you click on the link below, you can read the newest addition to this series – Chapter Seventeen:  In the Quiet of the Night which is printed in blue and located at the end of the story. In closing, I’d like to give a BIG thank you to all of the faithful readers that have been following this story and these characters over the years. I love reading your comments and words of encouragement!


A Clear Winter’s Night


One of the things I liked about the Millenium “first kiss” was the initial expression on Scully’s face right after Mulder broke away from that kiss. Although the way she looked at him happened so quickly, I thought it was sweet and genuine and showed a brief glimpse into what their relationship might become. Like most viewers though, I would’ve liked to have seen more after they left the hospital at the end of this episode. I wrote “A Clear Winter’s Night” to show what *I* would’ve liked to have happened next.:)

A Clear Winter’s Night