My Name was William

Ghouli had me hooked from beginning to end, and though I had a different image of William in my mind and envisioned a different reunion with Mulder and Scully from the one we were given, I was intrigued by him. These rambling thoughts are my attempt to make some sense of how Jackson AKA William might be feeling about things.

Since the episode Ghouli aired, I have read a lot of comments online about the fans’ reaction to it. There were those that didn’t like much of anything about it and were angry about how William was brought back and about the actor portraying him. There were people who thought Mulder showed next to no emotion towards William and people who didn’t think Scully’s heartfelt apology to William at the morgue wasn’t emotional enough. And then there were those people who simply enjoyed watching a good old-fashioned x-file with a little mythology mixed in.

I am one of those people.

I am so appreciative of the fact that we get to revisit these characters for another season, and I, for one, am really enjoying these episodes (not too fond of MS3 though) despite the numerous implausible plot lines and questionable rewriting of past events. Then again, hasn’t the show been giving us these types of continuity flub-ups and inconsistencies for years? I think one reason why I’m enjoying it so much is because I don’t read any spoilers or people’s comments about spoilers so each new episode that airs is a complete surprise to me. The other reason I’m liking it can be summed up in three simple words: Mulder and Scully.  Watching the way they interact with each other as they grow old together has been a real treat for me, and I look forward to each new episode.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this vignette and this episode. Trying to get inside William’s head wasn’t easy, but I hope I that I was able to maybe make you think about some possibilities that you hadn’t thought about before.




2 thoughts on “My Name was William

    • touchstone98

      Thanks, Donna! I wanted to try to make sense of what he might’ve been feeling, and since the writers didn’t give us much in the way of William showing emotion, I wanted to try to give him that. I’m glad you liked it.:) What did you think of the episode?

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