I know it’s been four months since I’ve written anything new. RL events have not been kind to me lately, and consequently, a lot of things have temporarily gone by the wayside. However, I’ve slowly been getting back on track and have been excitedly watching the various previews and reading articles about season 11. One video on YouTube that I’ve particularly enjoyed is this one called Declassified: The End of the World-Season 11-The X-Files. That video along with re-watching The Post-Modern Prometheus have definitely gotten me reinvested and very anxious for the new season to start in a few days.:)

I also figured it was about time for me to get back to doing some writing so last night I randomly picked an episode and thought about what I could write for it. I chose Closure and immediately thought of the end scene with Mulder and Samantha in the woods. Although a lot of people didn’t care for that type of emotional resolution for Mulder, I was very touched by it. The prose thingie I wrote entitled different is a brief look into what Mulder did and felt after he told Scully that he was fine and that he was “free.”

If you would like to share your thoughts about different and Closure or about the new season coming up in just six more days (WOO HOO!), simply click on LEAVE A COMMENT and leave me a comment.:)





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