After the Ice

I’ve noticed that they’ve been showing Fight the Future quite a few times lately on TV, and I’ve been catching bits and pieces of the movie when I can. I can’t believe it’s almost been 20 years since it first hit the theaters! Oh, how I’ve missed seeing *this* Mulder and Scully on a regular basis…which is why I was inspired to write this little tale. I always wondered what it was like for them after they were rescued and brought to the hospital. They’d just been through an extremely intense ordeal, both physically and emotionally, and I wanted to explore how they might’ve felt about it a little bit.

Also, I’m not in the medical profession, but I have had a lot of experiences with nurses in the hospital. Some of them have been absolutely wonderful like the nurse in this story. Some have been all business, but in my opinion, both kinds of nurses deserve all kinds of kudos for the job they do. I figured after all that Mulder and Scully had been through in Antarctica they deserved a special nurse like Shelly to look out for them.

And one last note…in my opinion, there was NO WAY Mulder was coming back from Antarctica without Scully. That wasn’t even an option for him, despite the fact that he had numerous obstacles to overcome, and to me that makes him a hero.:)

Susan, who really misses the original Mulder and Scully…




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