This Quiet Life series

10/30/16–Although he started out as someone who always stood on the fence with regards to Mulder and Scully and their actions, Skinner really came through for them during the later years of the show and ended up being one of their most trusted friends…and in my book, that makes him a very “good man”.:) #18: A Good Man is now up for your reading pleasure.


1/18/16–It’s cold outside, I’m off from work today, and I’m thinking a cozy little vignette about Mulder and Scully might be just the thing to start off the week. #16: Snow and Cookies is the next little peek into Mulder and Scully’s lives as they quietly grow old together. I’ve been watching all the little featurette videos about the new season starting up again next weekend, and I am SO EXCITED about it! Even though it’s only six episodes, I am very anxious to see our heroes in action again and watch their sizzling onscreen chemistry. Although I haven’t been writing very much lately, I’m hoping that new episodes = new stories for me to write.:)

10/3/15–Life has been filled with nothing but stress and exhaustion lately, but taking a brief break to share the next story in this series has brightened my day considerably.:) Growing up in Michigan, I absolutely loved the fall and the changing of the leaves. Sometimes the colors were just so brilliant and beautiful, driving down a tree-filled road or highway would literally take my breath away. Living in the south now, I miss seeing that every fall. #15: The Wonderful World of Leaves has Mulder sharing his fascination with leaves with Scully and was totally inspired by my love for the gorgeous fall foliage in Michigan.

7/16/15–Although Mulder seemed to accept Samantha being dead in Closure, I believe that he still thought of her often. In 14: Starlight, he fondly looks back on his childhood and the time he did spend with her.:)

5/22/15–The next two vignettes 12: Secret Garden and 3: Movie Night are now up. I have a particular fondness for Secret Garden as I’m currently working on growing my own tomato plants and enjoying the fact that some tomatoes are actually popping out now.;)

4/12/15–The next two vignettes in my This Quiet Life series are now posted.:) I especially like 10: Another Year, Another Kiss because of the nice memory I have of Mulder and Scully’s first “official” kiss on the show at the end of the Millenium episode. I remember when it first aired and the millions (it seemed like it was millions at the time <g>) of comments made about it on the internet. The amount of analysis done on that one kiss was crazy! Was it the most romantic kiss in the world? No. Was it filled with desire and I-want-to-rip-your-clothes-off-now passion? No. But it was a sweet kiss filled with a promise of things to come, IMHO, and nothing beats the initial expression on Scully’s face the moment their lips parted. Actually, I felt it was a genuine reaction from both Gillian and Scully.:) Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this vignette as well as 11: Snowfall.

3/22/15–Added #9: Three Words has now been added.

3/8/15–Added #7: When Winter Comes and #8: Shiver have now been added to the This Quiet Life series.

2/28/15–#5: A Slow Rain and #6:A Good Day have now been added to the This Quiet Life series. Thank you to those of you who have taken the time to write me such nice comments about this series. They are very much appreciated.:)

2/21/15–#3: Daybreak and #4: The Letter have now been added to my This Quiet Life series.

2/15/15–I decided that rather than creating new posts for each new vignette, I’d just add them to one document so that they’re all in one place.:) This Quiet Night, the second vignette in the series, has now been added to the This Quiet Life series.

2/13/15–I originally started this series twelve years ago and wrote 20 vignettes for it from 2003 to 2006. In honor of Valentine’s Day and the power of love,I’ll be gradually revising and reposting this series and adding some more to it. My fellow fanfic friend salliejohns was one of my biggest fans and supporters of these stories, and though she is sadly no longer with us, I’d like to think that she’s still as big of a proponent of true love as she was.



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