After the Woods

I have a huge X-Files songs and scenes playlist for all nine seasons and the movies on my iTunes, and I haven’t played through the whole list for years. However, with the show coming back soon, I decided to listen to it and am currently on songs from season seven. Well, when I heard Moby’s “My Weakness”, I couldn’t stop thinking about the emotional reunion scene with Mulder and Samantha at the end of Closure. That led to me re-watching that scene and the scene with Mulder reading from Samantha’s diary to Scully in the diner, which in turn led to this story.:) I know a lot of people didn’t care for that resolution to Mulder’s search for his sister and didn’t think it made sense, but for me, David and Gillian’s acting was so amazing in this episode that emotionally it worked for me.




2 thoughts on “After the Woods

  1. Lenore

    As usual, you did a beautiful job of exploring the inner scenes that we never got to see on the show. And granted, it would probably not be interesting TV to see Scully walk to Mulder’s room and lie down beside him, but with these thoughts and feelings expressed so clearly and poignantly, it’s a powerful vignette. Loved the ending!

    • touchstone98

      Thanks for the detailed comments, Lenore. It’s always nice to read someone else’s perspective on what I write.:) As for seeing Scully lie down next to Mulder, I wouldn’t mind seeing that at all!

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