30 Seconds

Can you believe it? It’s the 15th anniversary of my very first fanfic novel “30 Seconds”! It was fifteen years ago this month that I finished my very first X-Files novel, and even though it’s been such a long time ago, it still blows my mind that I actually wrote something that long.;) To celebrate, I’m reposting my thoughts about the story that I wrote a few years ago. Thank you to all of you that have written to me about this story in the past. I hope you enjoy rereading it as much as I did.:)


I actually got the idea for *30 Seconds* from reading a comment someone made on the old Idealists’ Haven message board (the small one that only had a few regular posters) over 16 years ago. I don’t even remember what the topic was or who made the comment, but someone mentioned something about Mulder being blind in one of their posts. Well, for some reason, that scenario just burrowed its way inside of me and wouldn’t leave me alone, and consequently, I started writing about it. At the time I was pretty much only writing XF poems, and I had only written a handful of vignettes so the thought of writing something so involved was intimidating, to say the least.

In February 1999, I wrote about 20K of it, then ran out of ideas, and just left it sitting for four months. I also didn’t tell anybody about it because quite honestly, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to add anything more to it. Well, then one day for some reason I pulled it out again, reread it, and suddenly, the ideas just started flowing, and I wrote a bunch more on it. It was then that I decided to be brave enough to show it to a couple people, and when they gave me their very enthusiastic thumbs up, it was all the encouragement I needed.:)

I remember I posted the first chapter to Ephemeral on a Labor Day weekend and got an overwhelming response, which not only blew me away, but also inspired me to write like a maniac! With each new chapter I posted, I got more and more letters, some of them very detailed with comments (which I loved), some with just a few words, but all of them very positive and very anxious to find out what happened next. I also got letters from literally all around the world, and that truly amazed me. To think that people in Portugal and Russia and Germany were actually reading my story and enjoying it was just the greatest feeling. I also even had someone translate the entire novel into Portuguese, which blew me away! As I wroteeach new chapter for it, it was really all those encouraging letters from people that carried me along on the story, especially when my muse was stuck for an idea.

When I finally finished the story in June of 2000, I had been working on it for nearly a year and a half. I still remember actually sitting at the keyboard crying when I wrote the last emotional scene between Mulder and Scully and posted that last chapter, not only because I was sad to let go of the characters and the world I’d created for them, but also because I was just so emotionally and creatively satisfied with myself (and relieved ) that I’d actually written a 255K novel when all I’d primarily written before was poems.

Because this story was my first XF novel (and to be honest, I never in a million years thought I could write something so long), it will always hold a special place in my heart, but it’s also special to me because writing it showed me that my words had the ability to touch other people’s emotions, and to me, that’s what being a writer is all about.:)




2 thoughts on “30 Seconds

  1. stamper1818@aol.com

    Honestly, I can’t believe it been that long……………………..that long and longer that I’ve been reading fanfic. I just read through “30 Seconds” again. I guess congratulations are in order for that anniversary. And many. many thanks for all the great stories. Pat

    • touchstone98

      Thank YOU, Pat, for all the great feedback letters you’ve sent me over the years! This summer will actually be my 17th year of writing XF fanfic, and although I don’t write nearly as much as I used to, I still enjoy playing around with the characters.:)


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