One of the things I really liked about season seven was the subtle shift in Mulder and Scully’s personal relationship, especially during the first few episodes. The hallway scene in Amor Fati, the New Year’s kiss in Millenium, and the flirting and playfulness of Scully in Rush, The Goldberg Variation, and The Amazing Maleeni were all interactions I very much enjoyed watching. After those episodes, there was a lot of angst that both Mulder and Scully had to deal with, but I felt that once Mulder finally got the “Closure” he needed with Samantha, he was emotionally ready to share more of himself with Scully, and that’s what I wanted to explore in “shift”.

This week, they started filming the new episodes in Vancouver, and all kinds of pictures and reports have been posted about it, which makes me very excited! Here’s a link to some of the photos:




2 thoughts on “shift

  1. Lenore

    They look so close and playful in the pictures I’ve seen — it makes me excited for this reboot! I just hope CC is going to give some attention to the relationship instead of focusing on the MOTW story or the mytharc he wants to establish. That was one of my pet peeves with him and a lot of the reason I read fanfic.
    You KNOW I love your prose thingies!!!! I was so excited when this one popped up and was not disappointed!

    • touchstone98

      I think they both look really relaxed too, and from what I’ve read, they’re both really happy to be working together again.:) I do know how you are about my prose thingies, and I’m glad you enjoyed this one. Thanks, Lenore!

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