Back in the Fold

When I read the news that Mitch Pileggi would be a part of the reboot as AD Skinner, I was thrilled. Although his unwillingness to step over “the line that Mulder kept crossing” bugged me in the early seasons, Skinner became a true supporter and friend of both Mulder and Scully and helped them out time and time again. I actually have no idea how Mulder and Scully will be reintroduced to the audience when the show is back again. Will they be back at the FBI on the X-Files, or will they work in some other department? Or who knows? Maybe they won’t be involved with the FBI at all, That being said, I had fun coming up with this little scenario for Skinner, and whatever the writers ultimately decide to do with them, I’m sure it will be quite intriguing.:)

How do you think Mulder and Scully will be brought “back into the fold”? I’d love to hear your ideas…




One thought on “Back in the Fold


    I can see that phone call, Susan, but instead of Samantha I’m thinking William????? I read somewhere that this was about, among other things, tying up loose ends. And let’s face it, William is a loose end. But I guess we really just have to wait and see. I hope CC does not disappoint us. I really hope they can bring back as many of the old gang as possible. Can’t wait.

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