Sixth Sense

When I was watching Fight the Future yesterday, I noticed for the first time that there was actually a man wearing a plaid shirt in the hallway as the “paramedics” were taking Scully away on a stretcher. I can’t believe that out of all the times I’ve watched that hallway scene over the years I never noticed it until now, but of course, once I did, I just had to write a little something from his point of view. (g)




6 thoughts on “Sixth Sense

  1. Lenore

    because I’m paranoid like that about strangers
    getting into our building,
    Boy is HE living in the wrong place!
    But seriously… you know how much I enjoy your original characters, and I love thinking that Mulder wasn’t all alone in those moments.

  2. Amy

    I’ve been following your stories for what seems like forever now. What a sweet little story but very dynamic. I like reading about those third party and original characters and wonder how THEY see Mulder and Scully. Do they see them as we see them. At first I wasn’t sure about Mulder’s reaction to Jenson attending to Scully but, that’s EXACTLY how, I think, he would behave. That response to this stranger and those words are the precise protective reply he would have given. I would love to see a follow up story to this because now I wonder all kinds of things. Does a curious Mr. Jenson see Scully in the elevator and want to ask how she is? Does she remember him at all? Does Mulder run into his neighbor and thank him or apologize for his abruptness? Does Ron tell Francis about the incident and SHE’S the one to run into our favorite agents together? Does his sixth sense kick in again at another one of those types of incidents that always seem to happen in his building?

  3. Alyssa

    I’ve never noticed the guy in the plaid shirt either. LOL! He’s a nice addition, though, and I like the thought that Mulder and Scully had a bit of help during this turn of events….damn bee!

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