The Blue Series

The Blue Series is a dark what-if story about what might’ve happened to Scully if she hadn’t been able to free herself and shoot Donnie Pfaster in Orison. I wrote the first chapter of this story “Blue” way back in 2004 and was overwhelmed with the response I got, so much so that I decided to add 13 more chapters to it. I thought that using a reference to a different color in each new chapter would give the story a common theme, and as I wrote more and more for it, I eventually just called the whole story “The Blue Series.”

It was a difficult story for me to write, but I really felt like I needed to tell it. So many times throughout the years that the show was on, both Mulder and Scully came close to dying, yet they always found a way to survive, and I really liked that about them. But then I got to thinking, what if one of those times, they lost hope and were unsure they’d be able to move on? What if something tragic happened, and it wasn’t resolved after just one episode? What if they had to deal with that tragedy for the rest of their lives?

That’s why I wrote this story, and that’s why it gave me such a great deal of creative satisfaction. The words and images were dark and raw and at times actually made *me* feel uncomfortable, but it’s my hope that as you read it, you’ll feel some emotions too.

And one last thing…over those years, my friend Marybeth was a big supporter of this dark tale and constantly bugged me (in a good way) about adding new chapters to it. Sadly, she passed away before I finished it, and I thought it was fitting that I dedicate it to her.:)



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