Pieces of Food, Slices of Life

I originally wrote Pieces of Food, Slices of Life way back in 2001. I was writing with a lot more regularity back then and wanted to try my hand at writing something different than my usual fare. I also wanted to see if I could write something unique that included tidbits from all the seasons of the show. At the time, season nine hadn’t aired yet so I didn’t include something from that season. With this new revised version, I not only added a segment about season nine, but one for Fight the Future as well. I thought about adding something for I Want to Believe too, but ultimately decided against it because I felt it took place too far into the future to be included with the rest of the series.



4 thoughts on “Pieces of Food, Slices of Life

  1. stamper1818@aol.com

    Thanks, Susan, Yes, I did enjoy the trip down memory lane……………………..and I did remember where every piece of food connected them, Pat

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