Perfect for the Job

Perfect for the Job, which was written in September of 2000, is a story about the “Samantha” that met with Mulder in the diner in Redux II. It alternates between her point of view and CSM’s point of view and explores how and why she was the one who was chosen to meet with Mulder in the diner. IMHO, that Samantha was one of many clones who had been created in the lab, and I really had fun creating her personality and writing her thoughts about CSM and Mulder. I also had a blast writing from CSM’s point of view because he’s just so darn arrogant.;) At the time I originally wrote this story, I was a little leery about how it would be accepted by my regular group of readers, especially since the majority of poems and stories I’d written up until that time were MSR. Although my core group of faithful readers did send me feedback on the story, I was especially excited to read the interesting and insightful comments from readers who had never read any of my stories before, but gave this one a try.:)

And for one last little bit of useless trivia about this story: I designated this Samantha clone Number 34 because 34 was my uniform number when I played basketball in high school. <g>



2 thoughts on “Perfect for the Job

  1. Alyssa

    As I was reading your notes on this, the first thing I remembered about this fanfic was how pompous CSM was. You definitely conveyed his POV to a tee, Susan.

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