A while back I discovered a free new app on our Roku called Comet. They show sci-fi shows and movies as well as horror movies. They also show three X-Files episodes a night every Monday through Thursday. They’ve already aired ALL of the episodes in a row including seasons 10 and 11. They are currently showing them again and are on season four. Recently I watched Pusher and was struck yet again by just how intense that Russian roulette scene was and just how excellent the acting was from all three actors. This little stream-of-consciousness prose thingie is about that scene.



8/2/21–21: Uninvited Guest

The newest part has been added to Clyde! Since it’s been a while, you may want to go back and reread what’s been written so far to refresh your memory about some things that were previously mentioned, and that’s all I’ll say about that.;) The newest part is in blue print so you should have no problem locating it. Enjoy…



Twenty years ago, I started this novel/series. TWENTY YEARS. All I can say to that is WOW! Well, actually that’s not all I can say. I guess what I should really say is, “What is taking you so long to finish it?”;) There are lots of reasons for not completing this saga, but I’m okay with that because there are just so many stories that could be told about Mulder, Scully, Elsie, Jo, Sam, and the other citizens of Clyde. Looking through this blog, I saw that 2018 was when I posted the latest entry to this novel, and I figured it was about time to add something new to it. Consequently, I reread all 20 parts and got inspired to write!:) No, I’m not posting what I’ve written yet, but I did go back and edit what I already wrote, changing some of the words, phrases, and formatting here and there. This not only helped me refresh my memory for the story, but it also made me fall in love with these characters all over again. I just adore this little world I’ve created, and it is my hope that you will reread my story to refresh your memory (or read for the first time) and enjoy it just as much as I have. As for the next and newest part, I should be posting it sometime next week.


7/15/14–Thoughts about Clyde

Of all the series I’ve written over the years, Clyde is by far my all-time favorite. Although I call it a series, I suppose you could call it a novel, especially since it’s become so long over the years. That being said, however it’s classified, it always makes me feel so good inside when I’m able to add more to it. I wrote and posted the original Clyde as a stand-alone story beginning way back in 2001, and now here I am 13 years later still adding new characters and stories to it and enjoying it just as much now as I did back then.:)

When I came up with the idea to have Mulder be “forced” to leave Scully and William and create a secret identity in a new town, I knew I wanted him to go to a small town with an unusual name, and I wanted it to be a real town, not a made-up one so I literally pulled out the atlas and started thumbing through some of the Atlantic coast states and came across Clyde, which really is a town in North Carolina with a population a little over 1,000. I’ve always enjoyed the way small towns are portrayed on TV and in the movies, and I’ve had a lot of fun creating the characters and atmosphere for Clyde over the years.

My grandma’s name was actually Elsie, and my grandpa’s name was Allen, which is where I got those names, and although Elsie’s personality and mannerisms don’t really match the way my grandma was, the love between my grandparents was like those characters. As for Josephine (Jo), I have really liked the challenge of creating a backstory for her and fleshing out what kind of person she is, and I’m really looking forward to exploring her relationship with the newest store owner in town, Sam Bailey.:) And as for giving Mulder the alias of Bob, I chose that name for one simple reason.  It was the name of David Duchovny’s character in the movie Return to Me. <g> I absolutely adored the sensitive character he played in that movie, and I knew I just *had* to give Mulder that name too. Scully’s alias doesn’t really have an unusual or exciting backstory to it other than the fact that Sarah is the name of one of my daughters…oh, and she also has red hair. <g> As for the “Come On Inn,” I wanted a name that would be unique and clever, and although I did look up some bed and breakfast names for ideas, I’m proud to say that I came up with that name on my own.:)

Although I’m not able to add new stories to this series as much as I would like to, I do have several ideas and storylines for the characters churning around in my head that I’d eventually like to explore. Each time that I do add something new, you can always find it at the end by looking for the part that is printed in color. In closing, I’d like to give a BIG thank you to all of the faithful readers that have been following this story and these characters. I have loved reading your comments and words of encouragement over the years!

A Clearing in the Mist

When Closure first aired and Mulder got the chance to share the moment with Samantha that he needed, a lot of people didn’t like it. It didn’t make sense–it was a lame explanation for what happened to her–the actress who played her didn’t even look like Samantha, and so on…In other words, it was a let-down ending for Mulder’s lifelong quest. While I agree that it wasn’t what I was expecting or the ending I necessarily wanted for Mulder regarding his sister, the emotion that was conveyed between the two of them in that ending scene touched me and gave me a lot of emotional satisfaction. I thought the acting between David and Mimi (young Samantha) was exceptional, especially their facial expressions, which really added to the dreamy and spiritual atmosphere of the scene.

Yesterday I was in the mood to write so I challenged myself to pick a scene from a random episode and see what I could come up. I decided to revisit this specific scene on YouTube, and the idea for this somewhat dreamlike vignette was born out of that.:) I hope you like it.



Too often, major life-altering events would happen in an episode, then never be followed up on in later episodes. Paper Hearts is one of those episodes. How could Mulder not be affected by what happened to him in this episode? This story is my attempt at a follow-up, but I have one request. Be kind to me. I haven’t written a new story in almost a year.:)


A little Christmas present for you…

Every year for over the past 20 years, I have written some type of holiday-related poem, vignette, or story. Although I have only written six new things this year up to this point, I really wanted to write something new for Christmas and keep my tradition alive. I also wanted to write something uplifting, especially with so many difficult things going on in our world right now. Hopefully, I succeeded on both fronts with this little prose thingie for My Struggle IV.

Stay safe and enjoy the holiday.


Important Yahoo Groups Announcement

After over 20 years (Wow, that’s a long time!) of using susanstuff@yahoogroups.com to announce new stories, poems, photos, thoughts, etc., I am sad to say that Yahoo is discontinuing their Yahoo Groups feature as of December 15.


Because of this move, I have two ways I could go in regards to sending out announcements when I post new material. One is to simply compile a list of individual people who would like to continue to receive emails from me when I update any of my three sites. (possibilities, just a thought, Susan’s Photography Blog) The other option is to create a Google Group, which is a forum similar to Yahoo Groups. if you follow any of these sites and want to continue to keep up to date with new posts, please make your preference known by either leaving me a comment in the link to the left or by emailing me directly at touchstone98@tx.rr.com or 98possibilities@gmail.com.

That being said, if you just want to check any of these sites whenever you want to and don’t want any alerts from me, that’s okay too. Although I don’t post new things nearly as often as I used to, I will continue to write and take photographs regardless.<g>

Stay safe, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.:)



Tithonus was a really good, but depressing episode. Mulder and Scully were apart, and that’s never a good thing. And the subject of death…well, that’s not a good thing either. This is one of those prose thingies I enjoy writing and is about a moment in time in which Mulder is waiting for Scully to wake up in the hospital after she was shot.



On the Edge

Way back in 2008 after I came home from seeing I Want to Believe for the first time, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Although there were parts of the movie I thought could’ve been better, I was fascinated with the new dynamic of Mulder and Scully’s relationship. I found it to be complicated and heartbreaking, yet beautifully raw and intimate, and as a result, this story poured out of me.:)

Those were the notes I wrote in July of 2008. Upon rereading this story recently, I found that I had more of Mulder and Scully’s story to tell so I’ve added six more parts to the eleven parts I already had written. This story starts three months after they go on the run at the end of The Truth, goes through the drama of I Want to Believe, and then on from there as if seasons 10 and 11 didn’t happen.

I really enjoyed envisioning Mulder and Scully navigate their new life together, and I’m not opposed to adding more snippets to this story. If after reading it, you have any other possible ideas for me to add to their tale, you are more than welcome to send them to me, and maybe I can use them in the future.:) Enjoy!