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I just started a new site called “just a thought…” and would love it if you’d come take a look. At this time in my somewhat unsettled life, I needed an outlet that wasn’t related to my photography or my X-Files obsession, although occasionally one or both of those topics might pop up there from time to time.;)

You can check it out by going here:  http://justathought34.wordpress.com/ and I’d love it if you dropped me a line, even if it’s just to say hello.:)

On a side note, I’ve changed the look of this site, and I’m not sure if I’ll stick with it or not. You can still find everything I’ve posted here…things just look a little different…at least for now.




The Early Dialogues

Seventeen years ago way back in 2001 (Wow, has it really been that long ago?) I challenged myself to write some short vignettes consisting only of dialogue for every episode from both season one and season two. There were a total of 49 episodes from those two seasons, and while I wasn’t able to meet my goal of writing that many dialogues, I was able to write 22 of them.

After watching many of the old episodes this weekend on BBC America’s X-Files marathon, my love for those early episodes was rekindled and I dug these forgotten oldies out. Upon rereading them, I have to cringe at some of my lines, yet there are many of them where I can really visualize Mulder and Scully saying my words.:)  A few of my personal favorites are the dialogues from Squeeze, Shadows, Fire, Ascension, Firewalker, Humbug, and Soft Light.

As I was putting all of these dialogues together in order, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t written one for Irresistible. That fact has now been remedied though, and I’ve included it in between Firewalker and Fearful Symmetry, upping my grand total of dialogues to 23.;)

And one last note…If you have any ideas for any conversations for episodes I haven’t included, I’m certainly open to them and I’d love for you to shoot me an email or leave me a comment below about it. I won’t guarantee that I’ll write something using your idea, but it may help with some much needed inspiration.;)



So, this is…

So, this is it.

The X-Files is finally done for good…at least I think it is anyway, although they certainly did leave things open if the show were to continue for a 12th season.

Actually, I’m not sure how I feel about that, just as I’m not sure how I feel about My Struggle IV. The episode really made my head spin, both in good ways and bad, and I wanted to try to somewhat try to make sense of things so I wrote this. This vignette is basically Mulder’s rambling thoughts (and mine) about what the heck happened, especially at the end of the episode.

So, what did you think of the episode? Was your head spinning when it was done too?



My Name was William

Ghouli had me hooked from beginning to end, and though I had a different image of William in my mind and envisioned a different reunion with Mulder and Scully from the one we were given, I was intrigued by him. These rambling thoughts are my attempt to make some sense of how Jackson AKA William might be feeling about things.

Since the episode Ghouli aired, I have read a lot of comments online about the fans’ reaction to it. There were those that didn’t like much of anything about it and were angry about how William was brought back and about the actor portraying him. There were people who thought Mulder showed next to no emotion towards William and people who didn’t think Scully’s heartfelt apology to William at the morgue wasn’t emotional enough. And then there were those people who simply enjoyed watching a good old-fashioned x-file with a little mythology mixed in.

I am one of those people.

I am so appreciative of the fact that we get to revisit these characters for another season, and I, for one, am really enjoying these episodes (not too fond of MS3 though) despite the numerous implausible plot lines and questionable rewriting of past events. Then again, hasn’t the show been giving us these types of continuity flub-ups and inconsistencies for years? I think one reason why I’m enjoying it so much is because I don’t read any spoilers or people’s comments about spoilers so each new episode that airs is a complete surprise to me. The other reason I’m liking it can be summed up in three simple words: Mulder and Scully.  Watching the way they interact with each other as they grow old together has been a real treat for me, and I look forward to each new episode.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this vignette and this episode. Trying to get inside William’s head wasn’t easy, but I hope I that I was able to maybe make you think about some possibilities that you hadn’t thought about before.



Some quick thoughts about the first three episodes…

No, I don’t have a new story to share, but I do have a few quick thoughts about the first three episodes of season 11.

My Struggle III: While I loved the rush I got from watching Mulder and Scully in action again after such a long time, I really didn’t like the way the ep ended. I don’t buy that CSM is William’s father, not Mulder. Could he have drugged Scully in En Ami and given her some type of drug that made her more fertile so she was able to become pregnant with William? Possibly…but in my gut, I just don’t think the writers are going to slap the fans in the face by making CSM William’s dad despite the fact that they’ve written numerous questionable things that have disappointed me over the years.

This: I really enjoyed the nonstop action of this ep. From start to finish, my adrenaline was on high alert, and I liked seeing Mulder and Scully kicking butt and taking names.;) I also liked seeing Langly again and how M & S worked as a team to put the clues together. As for Skinner, I like it when he works WITH them, not against them…not sure yet from these first two eps if what’s going on with him is shady or if it’s going to turn out that he’s been protecting or helping M & S…

Plus One: I really liked this one! Was the bedtime conversation a little off? Yes, some of the dialogue was a bit clunky, but I liked their close proximity and the intimate tone of their voices during the conversation. I really liked the comfortableness between them throughout the ep, and I especially liked that final look that Mulder gave Scully when she opened the door and he was standing there waiting for her.:) As for the x-file itself, I liked it and thought that Karin Konoval did a great job as both Judy and Chucky.

So, what did you think of the first three episodes? Let me know in the comments section below. And one last side note—the previews for next week’s ep by Darin Morgan look like a lot of fun!:)



I know it’s been four months since I’ve written anything new. RL events have not been kind to me lately, and consequently, a lot of things have temporarily gone by the wayside. However, I’ve slowly been getting back on track and have been excitedly watching the various previews and reading articles about season 11. One video on YouTube that I’ve particularly enjoyed is this one called Declassified: The End of the World-Season 11-The X-Files. That video along with re-watching The Post-Modern Prometheus have definitely gotten me reinvested and very anxious for the new season to start in a few days.:)

I also figured it was about time for me to get back to doing some writing so last night I randomly picked an episode and thought about what I could write for it. I chose Closure and immediately thought of the end scene with Mulder and Samantha in the woods. Although a lot of people didn’t care for that type of emotional resolution for Mulder, I was very touched by it. The prose thingie I wrote entitled different is a brief look into what Mulder did and felt after he told Scully that he was fine and that he was “free.”

If you would like to share your thoughts about different and Closure or about the new season coming up in just six more days (WOO HOO!), simply click on LEAVE A COMMENT and leave me a comment.:)





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4/14/17 – This is a continuation of my Steps Series and is a random series of vignettes that explore Mulder and Scully’s relationship now that they’ve taken it to another level. As each new “phase” is posted, I’ll date it and add it to this post.